If you wanna date me.

Read a writing and it got me thinking about how fast people move. Since I’ve decided to try my hand at dating again I guess I just put out there some of my thoughts out there as I process.

If you wanna date me you should be prepared…

  • To become my friend first. That doesn’t take me a few weeks like most people. It takes months. The minimum I’ve noted that it’s taken me to divulge the stuff friends need to know is 3 months and I’ve rarely dated someone without knowing them and interacting with them for more than 6 months. Trust me, to be my friend there is stuff you need to know.
  • To learn who I really am. You think I’m fluffy and cute and a little twisted, but just wait.
  • For the fact that unless I see you at events you probably won’t see me often for a while.
  • I talk a lot.
  • I get to know you. Like really.
  • For the fact I will not trust you for a long time. Maybe years. Ask Papa.
  • To not get in my pants for months, if it even happens at all.
  • For when I finally trust you for your world to seem less sparkly. It will get a hell of a lot less sparkly, but I have bubbles.
  • For me to commit because I don’t do the casual thing.
  • For me to not be interested if you know it’s definitely gonna be short term. In my experience, we are better off as friends only.
  • For lots of talking and processing. If you’ve never dated someone whose sexual, relational, romantic, and behavioral orientations don’t align, be prepared to talk.
  • Be prepared to deal with a pack mentality.
  • Definitely, be prepared for a Little. I’m in and out of various “spaces” all day aside from even when I’m not in some form of regression I still have a very Little personality in general. Deal with it.
  • To be scared sometimes. I’m a creepy baby.
  • Most important remembered I’m a very fucked up flawed little girl and I’m ridiculously proud of it. I’m proud because I’ve made it this far and I refuse to let people drag me down.

Ummm I should’ve gone to bed hours ago now that I think of it. Now my brain is working. *Sigh, rambles”


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