I’m Shorty or Ocelittle.

I’m a submissive little/middle/ pet.

I’m a little and a middle but I don’t just stay in a certain age range. My age range is approximately 6ish- 16. My middle identifies as a nymphet. I consider myself a darker little/middle. While I do enjoy some of the stereotypical little places, my little is happier in the darkness.

My subbyness flows through a few groups depending on my day or moods. If I’m in deeper little space, it may be harder for me to do my responsibilities to the same effect, as if I were in older little space or middle space. I do think that having knowledge of child development is very beneficial to any person with a desire to become a caregiver to a little , regressive or not, as it can be helpful with assigning/experimenting with activities, chores, and such. I think that because child development was a subject of interest for me for years, pre BDSM, I had an easier time acclimating to the caregiver little dynamic and accepting my little as a natural part of who I am.

I am also a pet. Kitty of course.

I’m also primal. I’ll eat you. Rawr

I’m a proud BRAT. If you think that is a bad thing, you may be confused about what a brat is. I’ll be happy to set you straight. Pats

I’m poly. I have a husband, and until a tragic accident took her from us, a very amazing female presenting partner.

My husband is my Daddy Dom.

I’m a bi-romantic sex repulsed asexual. That’s means I’m into multiple genders, usually male and female presenting, but I’m not sexually attracted to anyone and the likelihood of bumping uglies with me is minuscule.

I’m open to new partners. D-types of all genders, must talk to Papa, as well as men in general. He’s my Papa so if you can’t do that, don’t bother. I already don’t like you for not respecting that. He gets to vet everyone, so don’t think you are special and deserve to skip that process.

My little triggers
-Extreme happiness
-General sadness
-Confusion that my logical big’s brain can’t comprehend. It embarrasses me and I freak out, so I regress.
-Things that scare me (what’s in the dark/closet, thunder etc)
-Frying my Big’s brain.

I’m a masochist. Yay for fun times.
I’m a sadist, mostly emotionally, but physically too.
Even more fun, I like marks.


If you want me to do a photoshoot, video, or anything, you should probably ask my owner. Right? Yea because he’s my owner. I’ll have to ask anyways.

If you are interested in playing with me I have 3 rules. 1) Ask my Dom, 2) If i haven’t seen you play or met you IRL, it has to be public, 3) Papa has to be there, even if he sitting in the corner ( at least till both of us know you enough to feel comfy with me being alone with you).

Cools. Bye bye

You can find me on tumblr or Fetlife.