Ok I’m just gonna say it. If you don’t want to stick to your 24/7 power exchange unless it’s convenient for you, maybe you shouldn’t agree to one.

You aren’t in a 24/7 power exchange if you say no to everything that you don’t like. That is not you being abused or having no power in your life. This isn’t even about being in consideration, once you have submitted fully you made a commitment. If you need to renegotiate ask to, but sometimes that means the relationship is over and many times that is made clear.

Submissives and slaves negotiate power in their life differently than a vanilla partner would. Sometimes we have vanilla partner privileges and sometimes we don’t. You have to specify if you want that, but it still does not take anything from the fact you chose to submit. You chose/

Whether it is M/s or D/s there are ways around not liking what your Dominant says or wants you to do including doing research and asking a question before agreeing to give a person that much power over your life. Like having a conversation. Like not rushing into it.

Now people can lie, so you have to also be willing to release yourself if needed.

24/7 M/s or D/s requires trust and respect at the foundation.

Also, TPE/TAT does not mean that a submissive or slave has no autonomy or mind of their own. Stop with that shit.

** File this under reasons that I will not enter into a dynamic with a person who has a process that takes less than a year and a half to get to being collared.**


You aren’t bad Dominant if you chose not to engage with a sub who has a mental illness. It’s probably safer to chose to do so if you know you can’t handle it. It sounds romantic to push through, but sometimes you need to be logical about what you can handle and the support you can give.

If you don’t have the patience, time, knowledge or willingness to learn, and understanding, you may do more harm depending on the illness involved.

Mental illnesses are real things. For those of use who struggle with it is a tangible thing.

You have to be willing to listen and compromise on bad days and ready to switch back to y’alls version of normal on good days.

You also have to understand those bad days doesn’t mean go vanilla. Pay attention to your negotiations and make sure that you are reinforcing a safe space environment for your person to continuously be clear about their mental health.