Oh yes lovlies, I am Mentally Ill

Cross posted to my Fet

And that seems to be the absolute worst thing as a tiny.

I’m not sure what it is about the BDSM subculture’s need to question littles and their actions so critically.

Now yes this is my ramblings after reading yet another writing about littles.

I happen to be both person who suffers from mental health issues and is a 24/7 little.

My mental health shit makes dealing with people panic inducing, leaving my house a nightmare, and having friends work. Yes y’all, I love my friends and family, but y’all are hard work for me to maintain just on an every level. But I love y’all so I push.

I am also totally ok with managing my shit and being tiny on the most authentic way possible because I don’t feel that having mental illnesses makes anything I do invalid. If I fuck up, I did and I will strive to do better.

People forget that Big/little dynamics are just like every other dynamic in this lifestyle. We negotiate based on our experience and knowledge of self (and for me that means I negotiate heavily for ongoing and 24/7 dynamics). We fuck up and do better. We end relationships because our managing tools for whatever reason don’t work anymore. OMG you mean we are still human just like the rest of you. Who would have known?

I also happen to be a regressive little which fucking throws people off especially with the mental health shit. But the major thing is that I understand that there are differences between regressing due to mental illness and regressing because that’s a natural part of your personality. And I do both as well as be little without regressing. That’s right y’all the little actually knows the behaviours they engage in and sometimes we know why and we communicate that just like any other Real Adult Human.

Talks about separating mental health and managing are common in littles spaces. Very few people in littles spaces see mental health as something to take lightly and talk a lot of finding tools and managing as well as finding support.

But being totally honest, being a little and having a mental illness is no different than being any other role in this lifestyle and having a mental illness.

True story, we are sometimes better at our emotions and mental health than our Bigs. And sometimes we aren’t. Individuals are individuals.

I also find these discussions hilarious because as a 24/7 slave I can still function as an adult, but as a 24/7 little people think I run away from things and can’t function. What sense that that actually make?

What you see is not always what is right. You may see a Big constantly cater to their little and their needs, but that is part of their negotiations. For all you know those public displays are more to help the Bigs mental illness by giving them something to focus on.

But lets pretend like dressing up, going to the park, coloring, making demands, and being totally rad at events means something way bigger than it does.




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