Yes you are needy

But did you ever consider that your big may not be a person who can give you their divided attention all the time?

I see lots of littles get their feelings hurt bc they were told they were asking for too much and then they get mad and say, but I’m a little.

There is nothing wrong with being needed, but there may be everything wrong with expecting your partners or Caregivers time or attention when you want it, where you want it.

Before getting mad and damning them for being a piece of shit, have you considered:

They are an introvert.
They have anxiety.
They have a life that needs to be tended to.
That they are a human being.
That you are not entitled to anyone’s time
That there are many reasons why they can’t give you the attention you want.

There is nothing wrong with being needy in your dynamic and wanting your partner to be available.

There is plenty wrong with not owning that fact.

Even partners that are ok with a needy partner still have times that they can’t be there right at that moment.

Why are they suddenly a bad person?

For some of us, our neediness is a result of anxiety, a need to feel safe, and many other reasons.

It’s still not a good reason to assume someone is bad.

You should probably wait till they are available to talk to them in detail. Write it down if that is hard for you.

Learn that there is a difference between being an asshole and genuinely needing time for whatever reason.

Don’t let someone take advantage of you, but at the same time don’t take advantage of someone else.

Sometimes it’s a matter of poor communication.

Even Littles need some time for themselves.


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