Ways to integrated being little in the Big world.

Some of us get too little out all the time. Some of us have to struggle through acting big. Some of us just can ‘t get back to our little.For most of us being big is stressful. We have no choice but to deal with our responsibilities even if we have Caregivers. It can be scary and hard. Some of us have trouble balancing our little and big sides so that we can’t be big properly. For some, that means that you have to either suppress your little or suppress big.

Neither of those things is good. So here are a few ideas I have for integrating little space into the Big world.

Put a tasteful mini stuffy on your desk or keep it in your drawer for times when you need hugs.

Keep a small bag of candy as a treat when you get through something hard. Only one, maybe 2, a day, though. Keep healthier treats if needed.

Get a bento box and take your lunch. You can even pre-cut some of it into bite size pieces.

Get pretty notepads and pens to write your personal to-do list in. Use your personal little language.

Turn the bills into a game. When everything is done you get ice cream/froyo/sherbert.

Buy mini pens and pencils to use at your desk.

Wear little like undies. You’ll have to fiddle a bit to find ones that fit right or look cute. It’s important to remember that depending on work attire lines can show.

Paint your toenails. You may need to have a professional looking manicure, but many professional work environments have rules about footwear, which can facilitate cute little like pedicures.

Get 30 mins to Decompress when you get home and watch a favorite show. Doesn’t matter if it’s kid or adult themed.

If you have a caregiver, have him get in touch with you at least once a day to talk about how good you did at work. Twist the bad into a positive that can be handled.

If you can listen to music at work add little like songs to your playlist. For me, that’s them songs to kids shows, bands from my teen and preteen years or just happy stuff.

Love your little side and big side. Both are important to have. Balance comes with time. Integrate small things on a daily basis will help.And don’t freak out. It’s ok to get overwhelmed, but if you panic it won’t help. Reach out to the littles community whether online or local.


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