There is a right and wrong type of selfish

TL;DR: Shits happening. Kinda dealing. Changes? Always okay.

For some reason, there are people with this harebrained idea that I am a good role model.

One of the things that I have always told new submissive types no matter the age is “To find your motivation.”

I lost my motivation and someone reminded me that that is what I need to do.

The problem is that I identified that I was losing my motivation a while ago and I asked for advice and help. And I was ignored because it was not the convenient thing that fit in with ego and fear.

My primary motivation for being someone else’s was not love and all the fluffy stuff.

It was simply being of service and making life easier.

That was a self-motivating factor because those are intrinsic needs for me.

I think for everyone there is a definite turning point before there is nothing that matters.

When you keep trying and giving, eventually everything goes dark.

In Power Exchange dynamics, people often become too selfish and forget that they are dealing with people. Forget that even if they are not a person who needs much, they still require that their needs be met.

And you don’t get to determine what their needs are.

No matter the relationship you have.


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