The difference between a Daddy and a Daddy Dom….

…is really simple to figure out. It’s in the name. One is a Dominant, one is not.

In DDlg we’ve become so wrapped up in the need for D/s that we forget that not everyone falls into that specific structure.

Honestly, I feel that this is another reason that I love the Caregiver little (CGl) label. Not only is it non-gendered, but it doesn’t describe a D/s based like Daddy (Mommy) Dominate/ little (DD (MD)/l).

You don’t need to have a Dominant to be someone’s caregiver, but please know, that certain labels imply certain lifestyles.

I just witness an argument over the fact that there are non-submissive littles in a DDlg group. I suppose they failed to notice that there are Mommy Doms, little boys, little bois, and gender neutral folks in the group.

While I love the message the person put out about DDlg and the need for submissive little girls to stop treating their Daddy Dominates like sugar daddies/Mommas, the discussion brought forth that we obviously have not noted that there is a difference and that even in D/s based caregiver/ little relationships, things vary from dynamic to dynamic.

DDl/MDl and CGl can coexist perfectly. We just have to remember that not every post is directed towards your dynamic, as well as not every dynamic is the same.

Like littles lets just have fun and leave the fun forums for fun stuff. k? Otay.
Tl;dr. Everyone is different. Everyone gas an opinion. Labels imply shit, so research. Don’t take things so hard. Don’t assume.


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