Sex repulsed – “It’s just a phase.” mini info post

I think sometimes people don’t really get that sex repulsion isn’t a sexuality.

It isn’t a choice. It is not just a phase. It most certainly isn’t just a choice to refrain from sex, though many people who are, choose to because the act is rather…well traumatizing to some.

Sex repulsion is a form of sex aversion and can be a result of many things including but not limited to trauma. Sex repulsion is not the same as asexuality or celibacy. Also, asexuality is not celibacy it’s little to no experience of sexual attraction.

It boils down to being grossed out, to some degree, about the idea of engaging in sexual activity personally. Total oversimplification, but it gives you the picture.

If you are sex repulsed you can still get horny and even still like sex, in theory, just not if it’s gonna involve you.


I…Me…Kitten… am sex repulsed. Mine is for a few reasons.

*Trauma based from rape and assault, which is mostly associated with men ( and unfortunately, people who have penises because penis). This is PTSD based and is one of the reasons I am unwilling to deal with casual sexual encounters. It’s easily triggered.
*I’m a germaphobe, AKA Mysophobia, and when it’s triggered in a sexual way literary everyone is gross, and when dealing with sexual situations I perceive people as unclean and risky unless I have seen them scrub and brush their teeth. I don’t even like a person to touch me if I perceive it sexually without what I deem as proper cleanliness stuff. If you have seen me get really bad with it, you’ll understand why I don’t see sex as worth it.
*I just find the sounds and movements generally gross.

Oh I totally just listed that in order from greatest to not so much of an issuegiggly

If you ask me if I like sex, the simple answer will be no, unless we are in a relationship. Literally, it’s complicated.

There is no one way of being sex-repulsed. It’s not because our partners suck at sex though I mean they could because a lot of people are bad at sex.

It affects allosexuals and asexuals alike and depending on the reasons you can work on overcoming it.

Also, you can be sex-repulsed and have fetishes and be kinky. It’s not this weird thing.
Edit: Additional note:

Sex Repulsed DOES NOT mean sex negative. A lot of us are sex-positive.
In the Ace community, some people use sex positive in the wrong context leading many who are unfamiliar with the term to think it means that it’s simply about liking sex.

Links and shit for the truly curious. X X
X This post gives a little insight to the distinction of desire and attraction.


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