On feeling like a burden to your Dominant Caregiver.

This writing is geared towards submissive littles/Middles of all genders and applicable in any dynamics.

So when you are a little. It can mean many things, but for a lot of us, there is an extra need for attention, guidance, discipline and a hell of a lot of understanding and patience from our D-type.

Often times littles look at things different.

We have spaces we go to that is different for each person.
Little, Middle (for some), Big.

Many Littles will be in little/middle space a lot. Big space is our time to handle the Big world and all the adult stuff with a mask of indifference. Big space for many of us means no one can tell we are internally cowering in a ball of fear.

When you have a Caregiver that embraces your little and lets it shine, it’s freeing. We don’t have to hide. We can be ourselves and learn to embrace it in every aspect of life.

But with being a Little, especially when it comes to being deeper in our space, some things get harder. We get more “needy”. Desire more love and affection.

I read many post and comments on how littles feel like a burden because they reach a certain point in their space and can’t  well for a lack of a better term adult properly”.

For submissive littles, this can be very difficult.

It’s like we know we aren’t getting everything done the way it should be done.

Most of us are familiar with head spaces. The fact that our way of thinking can be slightly altered by what’s going on. We know this, but I wanna know

Why are us littles beating ourselves up over our headspace.

When I get deep in little space getting me to adult is hard. When I hit deeper littlespace I regress. My brain  goes to 6 or lower.

I don’t wanna do chores, I wanna play and have fun.
I want more love and attention.
I want it all. Que Sharpay.

Its not a bad thing.

In fact if you take time tto think about it

Do you try to guilt your Dominant for being busy?
Do you try to prevent them for doing the things they need or want to do, even if they are giving you attention?


Ok, then
Do you express that you want more time?
Do you ask them to try to give you more time?
Do you share your needs and desires?

Yes? Ok then that probably nothing wrong with that.

Yes you can do those things in a ridiculously manipulative way, but expressing those things is not inherently bad.

If you know that when you hit certain spaces some things are harder, say that.

If you aren’t aware of that being a possibility in Little, think about it, talk to your CG, ask them to observe your shifts.

Who you are is not a burden. Sometimes you just have to learn how to work around it. Sometimes you just have to learn who you are.


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