On discussing Little issues

Why does it seem like discussing Littles is a thing people aren’t willing to do.
Why does it seem that people that are not related to Littles in some way don’t feel comfortable talking about it like we do everything else?

Do you realize that this doesn’t help the situation?

I’ve been a part of many discussions where people come out and says I didn’t feel that I could say this.

What happened?

We emphasize communication so much, but when did we lose that ability when it comes to littles.

There is a difference between ignorance and kink shaming.

Is it something Littles are dong that makes it hard for people to talk about stuff regarding littles?

If it is, lets address it.

There is a lot of misinformation that I hear from non-Caregivers and non-Littles.

Littles are not large children.
Littles are not uncivilized adults.
Littles are not playing at child role.
Littles are not one thing.


If there are asshole Littles in your community cool. Someone should probably say something to them the same way people are so apt to say something to asshole Dominants.

Being Little is not play or kink for a lot of us headspace or no. That ideology demonstrates a lack of understanding of what a little is.

Being a nice Big (which to Littles addresses all adult non-Littles as well) does not mean you are being forced into our littles space.

Being a 24/7 Little isn’t an excuse to be an asshat.

Littles being little is not an excuse to be an asshole.

IF you are at a kink event Littles should still be able to be themselves, but they should not force you to engage with them.

If a Little talks to you in baby talk (because some of us do ) and you don’t like that, you can not deal with them or you can ask them to not.

Everyone has the right to be respected. At the very least tell the person in charge of the event or venue what is going on.

People don’t be assholes.


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