“Littles are often childlike adult humans.” “So you mean childish.” “No.”

If you know a little you will notice that a lot of us have different mannerisms, different ways of seeing the world, different interests that vary from some adults as well.

But what most people don’t notice is that we are adults; Literally, responsibilities, physical age and all.

A lot of people think that if they just consider us childish or immature it’s easier to place us and interact with us because you don’t have to respect that we are on your level. Y’all should probably notice how much we hold back flattening you for the blatant disrespect.

I have had a number of discussion with people, surprisingly some with Bigs, who assume that to be little is childish as in we are immature in general and simple minded… They never mean it as in having childlike interest and mannerisms.

Now before you go into how having childlike mannerisms makes you immature, let me ask you are you perfectly poised ever moment of every day and always perfectly adulting according to the “Perfect Adult Handbook?”

No? Because there isn’t one?

That’s right! How could I forget.

Well, in that case, I’m pretty sure littles who have kids, run companies, are your doctors, lawyers, and political representatives, etc ( because I’m sure you get the point), will continue to have our perfectly normal mannerisms and interest especially in casual and non-professional settings.

In the meanwhile, y’all can go be miserable in the land of no stuffies or tea parties and a severe lack of cartoons and cookies.


One thought on ““Littles are often childlike adult humans.” “So you mean childish.” “No.”

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