Let’s talk Bigs

…because I feel like people have a misunderstanding about the term, especially after someone got upset because they thought I decided to make them my caregiver. What even human. As always feel free to ignore my rambles.

Big means a lot of things in the Bigs and Littles ( Caregiver/little )community).

  • My BIG -a person who is the caregiver of a little. ( Dominant or non-Dominant i.e Daddy, Mommy, Uncle, Big bro/sis)
  • Real Adult Human (RAH) – ( general term) because Little are adults but like I see myself as a half adult (??). Not meaning I can’t adult, I just see myself as not a total one, just legal and able to do whatever I put my mind to, but I’m a tiny and I like it that way.
  • Not a Little in the B/l community
  • A RAH that you respect and that may or may not have permission to dictate things to you. Also in the My big catergory, but less emphasis on the “My” part. more like “my” big.

So if you are called a Big, before you turn grumpy, did they say you are My big or a Big.

I think a little seeing you as a Big, in general, is a bit of a sign of respect even if they don’t see you as one of their Bigs.

I can’t speak for other littles, but I don’t see every adult as capable of being a Big. Bigs are people who get Littles or at least specific littles in their life.

I’ve met so many people who just don’t get it.

They think we are immature or they abuse us, because for many of us, when we let our little out we are letting the innocent carefree side out. If you are a Big and you are in charge we are trusting you.

I don’t think that calling yourself a Daddy or a Mommy or anything makes you a Big if you don’t see us as anything more than something for your amusement.

Bigs are important


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