I’m not just a kitten, I’m a cub.

I love being eye candy. I’m not afraid to admit it.I like being pampered, loved, petted, patted, and washed. I like the freeing feeling of being a pet for my human sitting at his feet. I like kitty kisses too. Giggles Mister hates those.

Pet play is the only type of role play that feels … well right to me. I try doing other things and it feels so unnatural.

But back to my point.

I made a joke a while back. ” If I’m a primal and a little, does that make me a cub.” After some thinking, I realized it really is true. I am in touch with the” less” human side of me. Possibly why I have a tendency to refer to Mister as my Human.

I’m not a domesticated pet by any means.

I’m a Big cat. I don’t know what kind, but maybe I need to look into it.
Time for meditation with Arty I’m fiercely loyal and don’t trust anyone around my humans. I’m likely to tear into you if you try anything against me and mine. I have always had a pack mentality.

But in many ways I’m still the baby.

I’m my Mister’s cubby. 😀


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