I’m a submissive feminist

You can submit to a man while crushing the patriarchy. Its not a paradox.


Because :

-Your Dom should understand that you submission is something you want and not something that he deserves simply bc he is a man.

-He should respect and enhance you, helping you to see that you are amazing as a woman and capable of greatness.

-He should never make you feel beneath him just because you choose to kneel at his feet.

-He should understand that this was your choice. Not bc you need him, or you are weak.

You should be able to realize this about yourself too. If you don’t I’m telling you that you are a goddess. You are amazing. You can do great thing if you want to. The scale of what you do compared to others doesn’t matter.

Don’t be afraid to call your Dom out. Find ways within your protocol to do it, but don’t let yourself be disrespected. You know what you stand for and you know what you want. Make sure that’s reflected in your dynamic.


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