Babygirls(boys)/ littles/ Brats… what is the difference

Babygirls(boys) are subs or people who prefer nurturing dynamic.

Littles are usually babygirls(boys) (but Domly types, as well as those that don’t identify as BG/BB can be little too), with a more childlike nature which can be personified in many ways.
Littles I know some of you hate the childlike bit, but face it we are. Just like children we are all different in the way its express and some are more mature than others.

Brats are the people that make life spicier by pushing boundaries in an agreed upon way (and glitter. ok not really but it is great for annoying people). I mean who wouldn’t want a Brat. Brat Dominants are so cute too.


Not all littles age play.
Not all age players are littles.
Some little are both.

Not all littles regress.


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