Babygirls and Littles are spoiled little shits

Note my use of babygirls is specific, not exclusionary). Also, I’m referring to those of us in the sub roles as well.

“Holy eppmonster, how can a Dominant let their sub behave like that.”
“Tots obvs, don’t you know that they are all just a bunch of incapable humans.”
“They just want to pawn their adulthood off on someone else.”

Those are obviously paraphrased pieces of bullpoopy from Bigs that don’t get babygirls or littles.

They don’t understand that BGs and BB as roles are part of a more nurturing dynamic and that together with their human they figure out what works for them.

Apparently, though, since in many cases our humans like to give us lots of love and do nice things (because that is apparently fucking problematic) we are a bunch of spoiled good for nothings and shit that gave up on adulthood.

BUST OUT LAUGHING Please I invite you to really laugh at this highly ridiculous notion.

In all honesty, I had to learn to like being spoiled and for the most part kept.

I’m a little. I’m a 24/7 little. I adjusted to my DDs needs and what his house needed. I like lots if attention and pats, and people often make assumptions. Don’t front either. I know.

But the important things is, they forget that what they see is not the full extent of our dynamic. We do not put on airs and we do our best to understand each others needs. Most times when we are out I’m more of a Brat and spoiled baby.
WellWhoopy fucking do! I’m not even your responsibility, so why are you mad?

I know my Dominant, his weaknesses and his needs. I know if which part if me he needs more. I do what I feel I need. If I am not actually disrespecting someone or hurting them or actively forcing them to do something, you can suck my non-existent sperm swingers for all the cares I give about how much you don’t like Littles or think we should be a certain way in public.

Sometimes he needs me to be needy. Sometimes he needs the loud opinionated “who are you talking to” me. Are you my owner? No? Then what is your issue?

Since you aren’t him or in our family, how would you know is appropriate or not appropriate in our workings? How do you know what is part of my service and what is not?

You see the hours I’m at events, not the hours I spend cooking and cleaning and keeping his life organized while starting two businesses.

Don’t forget we only see pieces.

So while you are sitting there judging the BGs and Littles for being happy campers and adults who can do whatever the hell they want in their relationships, I’m gonna go much on num nums while y’all yim yammers take some time to understand the fact that different people and different relationships need different things and that totally okie doke.


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