A perspective on Regression: what it is and what it isn’t

Words… Words… More annoying words…

Regression is not what being a Little is. Some of us regress, but many Littles don’t. Just like ageplay. Lots of Littles also do it but that isn’t the foundation of being a Little is.

What a lot of people portray as being a Little are just various ways that Littles can present it. The various popular ways.

Now yes Littles are often childlike and reflect innocence in a sense. But I will say it again, that can be expressed in different ways. Just like with children, they all do things in different ways some in a way that seems more mature or whatever for their age.

We don’t all have ages we go by or set activities we do.

We do remember that I love bubbles and watching horror, right.

I smoke occasionally, drink, and swear like a sailor.

I can be in toddler mode and write a 15-page research paper within a few hours too.

I can work a professional or non-professional job perfectly fine, I just do it differently.

Like that’s literally all over the place.

Being a Little is partially about being you in a world that says you haven’t grown up just because you do things differently.

Now what I am about to say may not resonate with a bunch of you, but this is how I process my regression.


As someone who struggles with severe anxiety and depression that is crippling enough that I spent a year not working and rarely leaving my house without a RAH, I understand my regression as simply being another side of me. A side of me that makes adulting harder than normal but not impossible.

Littles are adults. Regressive Littles are adults. We have adult responsibilities.

We have to do them. Sometimes we have to figure out how to do it. Sometimes we have to allow extra time.

For myself having had to deal with similar issues before I found and came to terms with the fact that my Little has been a part of me since before I knew there was a word for it has been very helpful for integrating.

I am a 24/7 Little. I regress at any point. I can still function as an adult, I just have a Caregiver who expects me to be as Little as I want unless I need to be Big (aka Bigger) or he needs a mini break. Being Big is harder for me. It takes more effort and energy.

Regression does not imply a complete break from adulthood. It simply means that within the allowances our daily lives give and that we can manipulate( if is a triggered reaction) we adult differently or let go.

Our regression is no different than any other method of decompression.


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