24/7 little-ing

I’m a 24/7 sub and little.

Lots of people often confuse it with living out a fantasy all the time.

In the context of my relationship, not what it is.

As a 24/7 sub, I am collared and owned. I know who is in charge. I know who gets final say on all major decisions. I know that he values my opinion as well. know that my bestie buddy is super dependable.

As a 24/7 little, I’m my Daddy’s baby. I don’t conform to what other feel adulthood has to be. I’m me.

I still have a life and make plans, a professional identity. My career goals is one of the major reasons for our move. I have responsibilities that I can’t just pawn off on my Dom because he is the D-type.

But because he is m D-type and my Daddy he will help me if I ask for help. He will help me find a way to do it better in his own helpful way.

If you pay close attention and know what a little is, you’ll see it in most of my interactions, even when I pull on the big space mask.

I often come off as bubbly, silly, slightly air-headish, sometimes creepy. Honestly, IDEK why. I try to be like “normal” or whatever, but when I try to keep my little at bay, I’m really miserable.

Being a Little doesn’t mean I’m not an adult it just means I’m a different type of adult.

Like I looked it up because I was curious if there is a real definition for how to be an Adult the “right” way. IDK I so pretty much most of the stuff. 90% or more definitely not 100%, but I know a lot of non-Littles who do that, so.

Actually like, there is no one way to do anything, especially adult so I don’t know why people act like there is.

I think what a lot of people miss is that it’s mostly about maturity. Maturity is an ongoing learning experience. You get into a situation, you learn how to deal with them in a respectful manner. Everybody goes through that.

I’m 23 and still getting to experience new things. Yay, New things!!!!!

I interact differently. Sorry, not sorry. You interact differently. You shouldn’t be sorry. We talk about it, or in most cases, people yell at each other, which is so confusing. I mean why can’t we just say what we mean and understand people communicate things differently so we can’t assume and need to ask for clarity. Or restate.

Being Little means a lot of things and if you get to know us, I’m sure you will learn how not really weird we are.

giggles Ok I think I processed enough. Hands everyone mini personal bubbles


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